Vocational Training

Our program serves individuals 18 years old and beyond, with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Through our cafe, Fig, training shifts are offered throughout the week during regular cafe hours and special events. Job coaches are always on hand to ensure a positive, supportive experience.

Within the program, 3 tracks allow us to customize the training plan and address the unique needs and goals of each individual.  

Skill sets covered in the training shifts include hosting, serving, kitchen prep, dishwasher, gardening/landscape and property maintenance.  In addition, all training includes the interpersonal skills needed for both employment and daily living.

If you are interested in our Vocational Training Program, please contact us to set up a tour and initial meeting. This program is offered free of charge to individuals and families/caregivers.

We look forward to exploring how we can help you meet your goals!

CONTAcT us: (805)434-3895
or email figcourtneyshouse1@gmail.com
Enrichment Activities

Our Enrichment Program is offered throughout the month in the afternoons and evenings.

Activities include music, art, dance, life skills tutorials, community outings and more.

Afternoon sessions generally last 2-3 hours.  The cost of $15 includes any supplies needed for that day's activity.

Evening Social Groups are included in our Enrichment Program.  These 2-3 hour gatherings are usually held once a month and include dinner, movies, games, outings and more.  There is a $25 fee which includes dinner.

These are all supervised, smaller groups, allowing for the focus on interpersonal relationships and friendship building.  

Please check our calendar for this month's offerings.

"Wired Like This" Social Club

Breaking barriers, making connections...

“Wired Like This” is a student-run organization designed to provide an inclusive environment wherein teen and young adults of all parts of the autism spectrum can better themselves and flourish socially in our community.

We are proud to facilitate activities for the “Wired Like This” Social Club, which is geared specifically for individuals who have received, or are on track to receive, their high school diploma or GED, or are taking college or vocational courses.

For more information please email Elizabeth at “wiredlikethis@yahoo.com