Our Roots

Our Why

Growing up in a restaurant family, I learned at a young age that every person has a story. Primary to good food is the desired emotional hug. Spinning tales to a humble waitress seems to be an age old pastime. My career in hospitality spans forty years, weaving my life with that of others, whose stories, led me to insight relating to human behavior. I have cooked for and served perhaps ten thousand people in my lifetime, some of whom became lasting friends.


I believe I was born with a gift of seeing light and goodness in everyone.

So often we set aside our passion and lose track of our purpose at an early age as we add layer upon layer of daily duties we call work, family, relationships, community service, career, and so many more.  But like a classic novel, we believe within all of us is a timeless soul worth rediscovering. Our retreat facilitators are here to help you align with your creative energy in a location that will connect you to nature. We offer a supportive environment, encouraging you to rediscover your story through meditative walking, journaling, mindful cooking, & sharing ideas.

Sacred Circle; wedding planning; nature retreats